How to become a game audio designer.

15 June, 2023

Do you love games and want to get involved in the creation process? Perhaps the role of game audio designer is for you. We’re here to give you some advice to help kickstart your career.

Sound design and audio engineering are key aspects of video game development, and involve the creation, recording, and mixing of sound effects, dialogue and music. Here are some tips to become a game audio designer:

Learn the necessary skills

There are a range of professional skills that are required to become a game audio designer:

  • Sound design
  • Sound recording, editing and production
  • Creating and using sound libraries
  • Game engines, such as Unreal and Unity
  • Audio engines, such as FMOD and Wwise

Do your research on potential employers to find out what game engine they use, and focus on that. In terms of audio engines, many learn FMOD first as its simpler and easier to understand, before moving on to Wwise.

Whilst coding isn’t essential like the above skills, it’ll help set you apart from the crowd. Unreal Engine uses C++ and Unity uses C#. 

Gaining a degree in audio engineering can provide you with the necessary skills and experience to embark on a career in game audio design. Official courses and certification are also available for some of the engines, including Unity and Wwise.

Build a portfolio

It’s vital to build a portfolio of your work. A video reel showing off your sound design accomplishments can form the centrepiece of your job application.

Get networking

Networking is necessary for when you’re in the industry, as well as when you’re trying to get into it. Getting your name out there can help hugely when opportunities arise. You never know, if you’re first on someone’s mind when a vacancy comes up, they could contact you before anyone else. 

Experiment and share your own work

Sharing your work online is a great way to gain exposure. You could post examples of your work on social media, or relevant community pages online. Even if you just do this for enjoyment and want to show off your incredible talent, there’s always a chance the right person could spot it and like what they see.

Apply for placements and internships

Experience is always at the top of employers’ lists. So, if you can get yourself on a placement or internship working in the area you want a career in, then it’ll help massively when you’re applying for full-time roles. The hands-on experience is also a great way to put your knowledge into practice, so you’re familiar with what’s to come. 

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