How to accept your offer.

So, you applied to university and have received all your offers. Now what? Here’s a guide to responding to your UCAS offers.

How to accept your UCAS offer

Replying to your offers

When you have received a decision for all your choices (up to five courses), you’ll now need to reply to them. Depending on your offers there’s different replies you can make.

Firm choice – This is the place you most want to go to. If you accept an unconditional offer, your place will automatically be confirmed and all other offers rejected. If you accept a conditional offer and meet the conditions (often decided on A-Level Results Day), you’ll have a confirmed place on that course.

Insurance choice – Your insurance choice is there in case you don’t quite meet the conditions of your firm choice. However it will likely require conditions of its own which you’ll still need to meet in order for your place to be confirmed.

Decline – you’ll need to decline all other offers using UCAS Track once you’ve made your decision.

It’s important to note you can’t choose between your firm and insurance choice when you get your results, so make sure you’re happy with which is your firm and which is your insurance choice before you reply.

If you’ve changed your mind and want to be released from your place you can decline all your offers. If you choose to decline all of your offers, you can still add more courses through UCAS Extra or Clearing. This is so that if you changed your mind about what to study, you still have the opportunity to attend university that year.

If you’ve received all your offers on or before 17 July 2024, your deadline to respond is 24 July 2024 (including if you’ve applied through UCAS Extra).

What happens now?

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you and the university are bound together by the rules of UCAS. This means:

  • If you accept an unconditional offer as your firm choice, you have a guaranteed place on that course
  • If you accept a conditional offer as your firm choice and then meet all the conditions, your place will be accepted by the university and you’ll start your studies there in September

Make sure you reply to all your offers – including to decline them. If you don’t, and you ignore the reminders from UCAS, you’ll be declined by default and lose all your offers.

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