Equal Opportunities

Spirit Studios promotes a learning environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice and provides equality of opportunity for all. We operate an equal opportunities policy and train people of all backgrounds regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or ethnic origin.

Equal Opportunities Policy and Implementation

This document and the policy statement signify the intent of Spirit Studios to achieve equality of opportunity in all practices of the organisation.

The policy applies to all applicants for training courses, participants in training and actual and potentially employed staff. The organisation will endeavour to provide a positive environment being supportive of those from under-represented groups.

Implementing the Policy

In implementing the policy the organisation will recognise the different and special needs of the groups who may experience discrimination.

Ethnic Minorities

The organisation will seek to combat any harassment, discrimination or disadvantage and will respond promptly to any incident.


The organisation will gear their employment and participant practices so that the needs of both sexes are catered for without bias.

The organisation will undertake all appropriate steps to deal with cases of sexual harassment, whether verbal or physical towards any staff or students.

People with Disabilities

The organisation recognises that discrimination on the grounds of disability may arise either intentionally or through ignorance. It will seek to appreciate and understand the wide variety of needs of people with disabilities and seek advice from specialist bodies where necessary.

The organisation will endeavour to provide all practicable facilities for disabled students, staff and visitors.

Sexual Orientation

The organisation recognises that a person’s sexuality is a personal matter and has absolutely no bearing on any matters pertaining to training or employment.

Employment Practices

Recruitment and selection of staff will be subject to this policy of equality of opportunity. All employees will sign an Equal Opportunities Policy Statement which will exist as a condition of service. It is a condition of employment that staff adhere to the Equal Opportunities policy. Behaviour which breaches this policy shall be regarded as a disciplinary matter.

Work Experience Placement Providers

All Companies who provide work experience placements for students on training courses will be asked to sign up to the organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy. Any breach of the policy by the placement company will result in the removal of the student from that placement.

Participants in Training

All students and clients will be made aware of the organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy during the induction process and will sign an Equal Opportunities Policy Statement as a condition of their acceptance onto their training programme. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in the disciplinary procedure being invoked.

Equal Opportunities Officer

A designated Equal Opportunities officer will be the first point of contact for any grievance raised by any employee, student or client. The officer will also monitor our provision to encourage under-represented groups to participate in our Company’s training provision.

Grievance Procedure

In the event of a grievance being raised. The issue will be addressed in the first instance by the Equal Opportunities officer. Should the issue remain unresolved the complainant may then appeal to the Director of Contracts and the Managing Director consecutively.


Spirit Studios supports and promotes diversity. We believe that diversity makes for an informed, creative and effective workforce. Spirit Studios has years of experience of delivering training and education to people from a very broad diversity of backgrounds, with varying abilities, beliefs and attitudes. We deliver technical training to hundreds of students per year on a variety of music, A/V and related programmes.

All grievances and subsequent action will be documented in the Equal Opportunities Grievance Procedure book.