Audient Studio 1

Craig Gamblen

Audient Recording Studio 1 | Spirit Studios, Manchester

With a newly fitted Audient ASP8024|HE console, a range of industry-standard outboard gear and an isolated dead room, Audient Studio 1 is the perfect space for recording vocals, voiceovers, Foley and sound effects, while also providing a fantastic mixing environment for both students and professionals.

As one of our entry level studios, you will have access to this studio from Year 1 or Stage 1 of your course, giving you the opportunity to get hands-on with hi-spec and professional equipment from the very start of your time at Spirit Studios.

You will have access to this studio if you are studying on the following courses:

audient-studio-1-deskaudient-studio-1-full-viewAudient Studio 1 with Dead Room at Spirit Studios