Audient Studio 2.

If you study music production or sound engineering with us, Audient Studio 2 will probably be the first studio you get to grips with at Spirit Studios.

Audient Studio 2, and our three other introductory-level studios, are where you learn how to use key equipment, such as an analogue mixing console, a digital audio workstation (DAW), outboard equipment and microphones. It’s also where you’ll learn how to route signals in a studio environment via a bantam patch bay. It is these skills that you’ll build on and refine throughout your time with us.

At the heart of all of our introductory studios is an Audient ASP8024|HE analogue console. The console surface is spacious, well-laid out and all labelling is easy to read. We were able to customise our consoles at the factory, adding a space for control surfaces in the centre and keyboard rests in front of the faders so we can ergonomically handle modern studio workflows. These elements combined have created a fantastic learning environment and one we’re particularly proud of. It’s easy to see why you’ll find these consoles in studios all over the world.

Along with the console, we have an Apple Mac Studio workstation with all the software you need, high quality MOTU audio interfaces, professional studio monitors and a rack full of outboard equipment. Audient Studio 2 also benefits from a dedicated live room.

When a lesson takes place in Audient Studio 2, the other introductory studios are booked out at the same time. Our tutors then split the class up into the four studios, ensuring you get plenty of hand-on experience during each lesson. And as our introductory studios are very similar to each other, once you’ve learnt one you’ve mastered them all. This ensures you can start recording and mixing in a number of facilities shortly after you’ve started with us.

Other introductory-level studios include Audient Studio 1, Audient Studio 3 and Audient Suite 1.


  • Audient 24 Channel ASP8024|HE console
  • Avid Artist Mix control surface
  • Apple Mac Studio workstation
  • MOTU 24Ai and Ao Audio Interfaces
  • Quested S8 Monitors
  • TL Audio 5021 Ivory Compressor
  • Joe Meek C2 Stereo Compressor
  • DBX 166xs Stereo Compressor
  • Drawmer DS201 Noise Gate
  • Klark Technik DN514 Gate
  • Lexicon MPX500 Reverb
  • Alesis Quadraverb
  • Native Instruments K25 MIDI Keyboard
  • Yamaha B405 Organ
  • Tama Drum kit
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