Audient Studio 1.

With its unique dead room, Audient Studio 1 is popular for recording vocals, voiceovers, Foley and sound effects.

As one of four introductory studios, Audient Studio 1 is one of the first studios you’ll master at Spirit Studios. Like all introductory studios, it is centered around an Audient ASP8024|HE console, an Apple Mac Studio workstation with all the software you need, professional monitors and a range of outboard equipment.

What differs Audient Studio 1 from the rest is its unique dead room. The walls in this room absorb sound so that there is little or no natural reverberation. If you need to record a voiceover for a film or TV project, you can then apply a reverb effect to the recording to match the scene, be it a church, car or tiled room. For music, you may want to record a dry vocal so you can layer a variety of reverb and delays on to.

In addition to the dead room, Audient Studio 1 is our home for Foley recording. We have a variety of boxes to record footsteps with, including wooden floor, concrete floor, gravel and wood-chip. We also have boxes of ‘junk’ to help record a range of interesting and useful sounds.

Other introductory-level studios include Audient Studio 2Audient Studio 3 and Audient Suite 1.


  • Audient ASP8024|HE console
  • Avid Artist Mix control surface
  • PMC/Digidesign RM2 Monitors
  • Apple Mac Studio workstation
  • MOTU 24Ai and Ao Audio Interfaces
  • Joe Meek SC2 Optical Compressor
  • Drawmer DS404 dual gate
  • Alesis 3630 compressor
  • DBX 166xs Stereo Compressor
  • Lexicon MPX500 Reverb
  • Zoom Studio 1201 Effects unit
  • Native Instruments K25 MIDI Keyboard
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