Pro Tools 210P – Post Production Techniques

Craig Gamblen

pro tools 210p
Taking you to Operator level in the Pro Tools system, this official Avid Pro Tools 210P Certification course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools in a professional post production environment.

Reinforcing and developing the concepts and skills learned in Pro Tools 101, 110 and 201, with practical post-specific examples.

Access to the Pro Tools 210P certification exam requires that previous Pro Tools exams have been passed.


  • Synchronise the Pro Tools|HD systems in a post environment
  • Work with, and manage non-linear video within Pro Tools
  • Work with, and manage video tracks within Pro Tools
  • Configure Pro Tools video satellite
  • Comprehend AAF Interchange within the Pro Tools system
  • Operate and employ field recorder workflows
  • Organise and manage your audio assets within the Pro Tools system
  • Design, manage, and execute on sound design
  • Accurately mix audio to picture
  • Use multiple delivery methods utilising the Pro Tools system

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