Making music pay: SPIRIT+ guest lecture.

29 November, 2022

Last week we were joined by Sentric Music Group's Live Claims Manager, Tom Key for an insightful careers talk about Music Publishing.

Lecture on how to monetise music and talent

Tom joined us to discuss his career in Publishing, offering support to students looking to follow a similar path. Former student of our Music Business Programme Leader, Jono, he’s come far since finishing university in 2019. He began working at Sentric Music as an assistant but has since landed the role as their Live Claims Manager.

Sentric Music formed in 2006 as a new age independent music publisher, disrupting traditional publishing by offering the fairest deal in the industry. They empower artists and songwriters to collect the royalties they’re owed, offering Sync opportunities to help get their music in ad campaigns, films, TV and games.

Tom covered a huge array of topics including:

  • How to claim royalties when you play, or someone else plays, your song(s) live
  • The minefield that is copyright and how to collect your royalties from Digital Service Providers (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple and YouTube
  • How the song registration process works, and how Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) operate in different territories around the world
  • Sync, and how the team at Sentric pitch a song to clients
  • How radio plays can generate performance royalties, and how a Publisher like Sentric would collect them

As you can imagine, the session was hugely beneficial for a number of our students including those looking to join the Publishing world, or those aiming to become a successful artist. With a lively follow-up Q&A, it was another hugely popular SPIRIT+ guest lecture.

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