How to become a label manager.

15 June, 2023

If you see yourself as having the skills to become a great project manager in the industry, planning tours, running marketing campaigns, and coordinating negotiations and bookings, then a record label manager could be the perfect job for you. Here are some of our tips to get there.

A record label manager is someone with many traits and talents. They need to know all about the industry, including marketing, promotion, publicity, merchandising, and more. It’s a senior position at a record label, and there are things you can do to help you progress in your career to become a record label manager.

Learn about the industry 

Industry knowledge is invaluable in record label management, so it’s vital that you know it inside and out. You could learn everything you need to know about record label management on a Music Business & Event Management course, where you’ll cover topics based around recording contracts, music law, distribution models, merchandising, and artist management. Not only that, but you’ll also dive into the world of online music and marketing. 

Developing your knowledge of the industry is the stepping stone to the career you want. If you’ve started a role in a specific department at a record label, then broadening your knowledge and putting it into action in your day-to-day can show superiors that you’re ready to handle more responsibilities. 

Get experience on projects

Consider gaining some experience at a smaller record label where you can get involved with projects and hands-on experience. Working on lots of projects and getting work experience can help land you a role in a large record label; perhaps not the record label manager position quite yet, but you’ll be on the right path. 

If you’ve got a great track record on other projects, then you’re more likely to be accepted for jobs you apply for. So any experience you can get is extremely valuable.

Love music and leading teams 

In a role like label management you will combine a unique mix of skills. This can include having good organisational skills, being diplomatic with a range of collaborators on a project and being able to multi-task looking after multiple areas of the business. Crucially, a label manager needs to enjoy listening to music, be able to support and nurture artists they are working with, alongside ensuring what they release matches the demands of the audiences.

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