Liam Peacock.


Liam is a soundtrack composer who has worked on creating music for film, television, games and animation.

He has previously worked with:

  • Orb Soundwerx
  • The BBC

What were you doing before you came to Spirit Studios?

Before I was at Spirit, I went to finish my BA in music production and do a teaching degree so I did a PGCE at Bolton and then I came straight to Spirit. While doing all that I was working on audio for all sorts of trailers and production houses and then trying to do some game audio stuff on the side. Back then I did a lot of Game Jams too.

How did you get into Music production?

I really like music and being involved in music production but I didn’t see myself being a touring sort of person. Teaching and doing some music and audio stuff on the side was a really good match for me.

Any special areas of interest?

I’m studying game and immersion audio at the minute and looking at VR and how that can be enhanced by the audio. I suppose I’m more interested in non-linear music than linear music.

What’s your proudest career achievement?

I’ve worked on a couple of games. It was really good getting to put some of the sound design I’ve worked out there in real-world projects. I also had some music of mine put on a BBC show last year.

I really like music and being involved in music production but I didn’t see myself as being a touring sort of person. I really liked film and non-linear music.

What do you get up to outside of teaching?

I study and play games a fair bit when I can.

What’s your favourite album/artist?

Audiomachine, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer… I’m cheating here by picking more than one! I also like the Interstellar soundtrack that Zimmer did. The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack is also brilliant.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

I’ve started listening to a lot of pop music, particularly 80s stuff that’s not in the Top 40.

Tell us something people may not know about you?

I really like writing fantasy music for kids games.

Want to learn from Liam?

Liam is an experienced tutor who specialises in Music Business courses and Music Production courses. Contact us to find out more.

Listen to Liam on SoundCloud

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