S3 Studio.

Popular with students for recording and mixing, our S3 Studio is a control surface-based facility within our intermediate studios.

With a large control room and a window through to a shared live room, this spacious facility gives you all the creative tools and equipment needed to complete projects to a professional standard.

Analogue mixing consoles are costly, require a lot of floor space and need regular maintenance. Therefore many engineers, producers and studios are opting for a control surface and separate microphone preamps instead.

Control surfaces provide direct control of key functions in a DAW, such as fader level, panning, automation, hands-on plug-in control and much more. A key benefit of a control surface is the ability to save the settings of such functions directly into the DAW, meaning they can be instantly recalled when reopening an audio session at a later date. If deadlines are tight, or if you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously, this can save you a significant amount of time.

It is for these reasons we’ve opted to install Avid S3 and Dock control surfaces in this facility. With full compatibility with Logic Pro and Pro Tools, and monitoring control of Ableton Live, our students can learn and utilise the workflows associated with control surfaces. As no audio passes through a control surface, we’ve filled our outboard racks with microphone preamps full of personality. Neve, Drawmer, TL Audio and Audient units add stunning character, clarity and warmth to your projects at the recording stage.

Finally, with soffit-mounted Quested main monitors, a bypassable subwoofer and Genelec 8331A nearfields, it’s easy to see why the S3 Studio is one of our most in-demand facilities.

Other intermediate-level studios include Audient Studio 4 and Synth Suite.


  • Avid S3 control surface
  • Avid Dock
  • Apple iPad
  • Quested VS3208 main monitors
  • Quested SB10R subwoofer
  • Genelec 8331A nearfield monitors
  • Apple Mac Pro workstation
  • Pro Tools HD Native
  • Avid XMon monitor controller
  • Audient ASP-880 mic preamp
  • Neve 1073 DPD mic preamps
  • Drawmer 1960 vacuum compressor
  • TL Audio C1 valve compressor
  • TL Audio EQ-2 tube equaliser
  • Drawmer DS-201 dual noise gate
  • TC Electronic M-ONE-XL effects unit
  • Lexicon LXP15 effects unit
  • Native Instruments 25-key MIDI keyboard
  • MOTU 128 MIDI interface
  • 40″ TV

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