Secret Technology.

19 September, 2022

Our wonderful Electronic Music Production programme leader, Dan, has been working with Brighter Sound to create this exciting event series.

Secret Technology promotional banner with Eilyas

Brighter Sound are a creative music charity who host a number of residencies and projects throughout Manchester, particularly aimed at supporting those who are historically and currently underrepresented. Active in the city’s music scene, and seen as leaders within the industry, our tutors often work closely with the Brighter Sound community to organise these events.

Dan, our Electronic Music Production Programme Leader, has been instrumental in helping organise their latest event series. Secret Technology – a free community sharing platform which explores music at the intersection of the personal and the technological – places a real emphasis on a communal approach to learning. To encourage this, each session will be taking place in some of Manchester’s best pubs and record shops, helping young creatives come together with professional artists in environments that can easily facilitate open discussion.

The series sees guest artists present a mixture of workshop, performance and discussions around aesthetics, wellbeing, technology and their intersection. A great opportunity to network and share ideas, you’ll discover new methods to inspire your own creative practice across all forms of electronic music – from pop to jungle and everything in between.

To kick off the series, head to The Derby Brewery Arms on Tuesday, 27 September for an evening spent with Macon-born artist Eiliyas whose work spans music, sound design, creative writing and conceptional art. He’ll be presenting his improvisational music practice, “seeking an alternative interface for music creation” and discussing what he’s learnt about himself through the act of performing with “sonic feedback loops”.

A strong start, we can’t wait to see what’s next in the series!

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