How to Get Into Music Production.

28 December, 2022

So you have a passion for music? Us too! That’s music to our ears. But understandably, you’ll have a number of questions about how to get into music production.

Music production student reflecting on their work

What jobs can you get with a music production degree? How can I make money from music production? Well, take it from us, a future in music production is bright.

How to learn music production

Want to become an expert in music production? Your best bet is to find a course that perfectly suits your personal interests and goals. It could be a general music production course or something more specialised.

Music production courses are the best way to introduce you to the industry and confidently find your footing, all while helping to develop your knowledge and skills. There are generally five key principles to music production, and a course will provide you with all the learning opportunities and resources you need to become a professional. You’ll learn from experts about how to compose, record, edit, mix and master.

“I worked [in the industry] before my studies but was just so underprepared. Since graduating, I feel so much more confident. I’m now able to contribute so much more to my work.”

Carla, Spirit Studios graduate

At Spirit Studios, we have a range of music production courses for you to become a master of music. From undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to industry and short courses, you can take your pick.

Music Production University Courses

Our undergraduate and postgraduate University courses will help you excel, advancing your music production skills to their fullest potential. You’ll arrive as a student, and leave an expert.

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

All our degree courses are validated by UCLan.

BA (Hons) Music Production

This BA (Hons) Music Production course focuses on the main areas of music production, including creating, recording, mixing and mastering. It’s a course that gives you the freedom to experiment and grow as a Producer.

BA (Hons) Music Production with Foundation Entry

If you’ve never stepped foot in a recording studio but want to become a top Producer, then the BA (Hons) Music Production with Foundation Entry course is for you. We’ll cover all the basics in the Foundation Year so that you become a master in the studio.

BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production and Performance

Are you looking for something slightly different? More into the electronic scene? On this BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production and Performance course, you’ll delve into the areas of sequencing, sampling, producing and performing, helping you to become the Producer and artist you’ve always wanted to be.

BSc (Hons) Live Audio Engineering and Music Production

An equally split course, you’ll be in both the studio and venue covering skills like sound-checking, monitoring, mixing and mastering. If you’re into live events, the BSc (Hons) Live Sound Engineering and Music Production course could be for you.

BSc (Hons) Entrepreneurial Audio Production

You’ll develop your studio production and composition skills on this BSc (Hons) Entrepreneurial Audio Production course, with an aim to turn your passion for audio into a wonderful career. You’ll learn more about acoustic theory and post-production so that you can become a leading audio-visual professional.

What jobs can you get with a music production degree?

Has all this still got you wondering; how to make money from music production? There are lots of ways. The industry is crying out for experts in many areas of music production, and after completing a course, you could be one! 

The careers and opportunities in music production are truly endless. Here’s just a few to get you inspired:

  • Music Producer
  • Radio DJ
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Recording Studio Manager
  • DIY Label Manager
  • Audio-Visual Technician
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Dubbing Mixer
  • Studio Engineer

Kickstart your music production career today!

Are you an aspiring music producer? Why not take a look at our specialist courses for the music and audio industries? You’ll get real opportunities and learn from industry experts. If you already have a BA in Music Production why not take a look at our more advanced Music Production Masters?

If you’re ready to kickstart your career, then apply now for the course that’ll help you reach your full potential.

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