Manchester Ableton User Group are back!.

03 April, 2023

Come to their next meeting to hear all about the new Discord chat, network and more.

Manchester Ableton User Group

Across the country, Ableton hosts a series of free workshops and events, accessible for all producers, musicians or music lovers to come along and chat about music in every way. Aimed at all levels of experience throughout the industry, these Ableton User Group sessions give opportunity to network and learn from professionals. 

Back at the start of March we hosted one of these sessions here at Spirit Studios, in the Charlie Jones Live Venue. As an idea of what future sessions have in store, here’s a quick recap of this recent session.

On Thursday 2 March, the Manchester Ableton User Group kicked off with a welcome address and introductions, as the attendees all found their seats and helped themselves to the generous freebies provided by Ableton. After a quick catch-up, the session led into one of the key talking points: the creation of an Ableton User Group Discord server. 

For those that are not aware, Discord is an online platform that enables communities to create a private space to message, call, host video-conferences, screenshare, share media, and much more. An exciting development for the Ableton User Group, it’s a great opportunity for all involved to get stuck in and continue networking. 

The group was then introduced to Matt Temperley from Bleep. As part of the MEC (Manchester Electronic Collective), Bleep offers a unique opportunity for electronic musicians to practise and perform in front of open-minded and inclusive audiences. Despite Manchester being full of open mic nights, there are unfortunately not many opportunities for electronic musicians to showcase their work, and Bleep aims to change that. These events are free to attend too, and are a great way to support local up-and-coming artists. 

Alongside slots for performances, they pose the opportunity for music creators to have their tracks played at live events in-between and before other live performances – giving anyone the opportunity to get their music heard by a live audience. 

These Bleep events are an ideal chance for you to perform in front of a friendly crowd with no pressure. The next free event is on Thursday, 13 April at Peer Hat. For more information, head to the Bleep events website.

If you are interested in attending one of the upcoming Manchester Ableton User Group sessions, we’ll be hosting the next two on:

  • Thursday, 4 May 
  • Thursday, 6 July 

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