Sign-Out Equipment.

With over 500 items of sign-out equipment in our store, you can reserve items in advance of your sessions to guarantee its availability.

Doepfer A-100 Modular Synth at Spirit Studios

From microphones to musical instruments, our sign-out store is brimming with all the equipment you could possibly need for a productive studio session, live event or DJ set.

Our enviable stock of over 160 microphones include classic workhorses, such as Shure SM57 and SM58 to premium ‘royalty’ mics, such as the world famous Neumann U87 and Blue Kiwi. We’ve also got some vintage items, including a pre-60’s Coles 4038 ribbon mic and an AKG C28.

If it’s musical instruments you need, you’ll be blown away by our choice of guitars and amps from Fender, Gibson, Martin, Marshall, Ampeg, Orange and more. We also have a range of Pearl, Tama and Yamaha drum kits.

In addition to the hardware found in our studios, an exhaustive range of drum machines, synths and samplers are available, including Elektron Digitakt, Korg Minilogue and a Doepfer A-100 Modular.

Other items available to sign out include portable audio recorders, location microphones with boom arms, Macbook Air laptops, audio interfaces, studio standard Beyerdynamic DT-100 headphones, pop shields, reflection filters, DI & Re-amp boxes, guitar tuners, drumsticks and an almost endless supply of cables and accessories.

In short: if you need it, chances are we’ve got it.

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