Why study music production at Spirit Studios?

Lydia Wood

First-year Music Production student

Studying music production at Spirit Studios will give you unrivalled access to some of the most sought-after recording studios and technology Manchester has to offer.

Whichever course you choose, you can expect to gain hands-on experience using the very latest music production equipment. Our expert tutors will help you build the skills and knowledge to utilise this technology and bring your musical ideas to life.

To be a music producer, you don’t need to be a musician in the traditional sense. You might be passionate about technology, sound engineering, or in the early stages of your creative journey. Whatever your career goal, it’s our aim to help you forge your own sound and leave a unique mark on the industry.

What is music production?

What defines a music producer and their involvement in the creative process varies from person to person. But generally, music production involves five key principles; composition, capture (recording), editing, mixing and mastering.

Producers are involved in the entire process of creating music and so there are a variety of pathways to choose from. You’ll become an expert in harmonisation, synthesis, music theory and sound mixing, as well as business strategy, networking and project management. The possibilities are endless. If you have a passion for creating music and sound – and overseeing its complete creative process – then a music production course is right for you.

A career in music production is what you make of it so we’ll teach you to design a creative journey that is inline with your own specific interests.


Why choose Spirit Studios?

Our facilities can’t be beaten. You’ll have enviable access to a range of recording studios, DJ booths and equipment, allowing you to experiment and push your musical style to its full potential. As a student on one of our music production courses, you’ll get to use some of the most revered audio equipment in the business. From a legendary Neve VR Mixing Console in an open-plan studio, to racks of hand-picked boutique outboard equipment and monitoring systems. You’ll also have access to shelves crammed with instruments and sign-out equipment, including the latest Elektron synths, drum machines and samplers, Gibson and Fender guitars, and over 160 microphones.

As you progress through one of our music production courses, you can expect to move to a state of independence that is essential when forging your own career path. At their core, our courses are designed to give you hands-on experience to ensure you develop a range of industry knowledge and transferable skills. You’ll gain both analogue and digital expertise, allowing you to comfortably adapt to any studio you encounter in your career. This ensures you leave us with a clear and professional presence as a music producer, with a well-established creative voice.

Innovation and experimentation are our driving force and we celebrate a diverse range of approaches and traditions to making music. We strongly believe in the importance of contextualising your practice to help you formulate and apply inventive compositional strategies. Not only does this ensure your learning remains industry relevant, but projects and assignments are designed to help you build a professional portfolio that demonstrates your own unique sound.

Whether you want to create music for moving image, become a studio engineer, the next best DJ or a mixing god, our range of courses give you the freedom to explore these areas of interest. With a variety of specialist modules, each course covers the core skills needed to succeed as a music producer and bring your ideas to life.

Our courses

BA (Hons) Music Production. This course will introduce you to composition and arrangement, as well as recording and mixing tracks for a variety of different media. You’ll learn to make effective decisions within a range of recording environments and  produce an impressive body of work that represents your career aspirations.

BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production and Performance. This course will provide you with real life experience in all creative and entrepreneurial aspects of the electronic music industries; from music production, recording and mixing, remixing and DJ performance, to branding and marketing and running your own label, live events, and entrepreneurial skills.

BSc (Hons) Live Audio Engineering and Music Production. Whether it’s recording up-and-coming talent in the studio, working front-of-house at your favourite venues, or planning tours and living on the road that makes you excited to be a part of this industry, this course will help you develop the sound engineering and people skills needed to excel.

Creative Music Production Industry Course. This evening-based music production course is for emerging music producers who are looking to develop their working practice, push their creative boundaries, as well as connect, collaborate and co-create with creatives from a range of disciplines. 

Studio Production and Mastering Industry Course. With recording, editing, mixing and mastering at the core, this evening-based course will give you the opportunity to further develop your critical ear, learn how to produce work to the highest commercial standards and achieve your goals as a professional mixing or mastering engineer.