Vocalise: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Landscape For Creatives

Keri Sinclair

online panel discussion

We have paired up with Vochlea Music to curate a series of online panel discussions to vocalise the things which matter to us most with the mission to drive positive change. 

Over the course of the series, we will be speaking with artists, producers, engineers and musicians about the social and cultural issues prevalent in the music industry. 

Determined for change, we want to use our platforms and power of our voices to open up conversations, create a safe space for creatives to connect and speak openly about their experiences, and most importantly, play our part in helping to bring the change we want to see in the industry. 

Join these successful female creatives as they discuss how COVID-19 has changed the landscape for them, the importance of support and funding to keep the arts alive and the future of collaboration. 

Liina Turtonen, LNA Music

Jenny Bulgraig, Vochlea Music

Holly Phelps, IORA Music // Spirit Studios Tutor

Kelsey Brooks, Live Sound Engineer // Spirit Studios Graduate.  


The discussion will take place on Zoom on Thursday 12 November at 7pm.

To join the discussion, please register your space here.