Interface Project

Keri Sinclair

We are thrilled to announce that Interface - our new and exciting collaboration with the world-class creative institute, dBs Berlin - has officially launched!

Despite current restrictions, this collaboration bridges the gap between two major music cities and makes way for an exciting cross-pollination of ideas, culture and music.

Aimed at connecting, inspiring and invigorating students during this global pandemic, Interface will connect 4 students from each of our schools to remotely work together on a project of their choice. 

Working in pairs, the 8 students will use a series of virtual platforms to work remotely, cross-collaborate and share ideas for their joint project, culminating in a virtual showcase of their work. 

Entirely open to their interpretation, the students can choose to produce a joint track, create a musical composition for a film or even virtually shoot a music video to showcase existing work. 

Judged on their virtual performances, one collaborative pair will be selected to perform at dBs Berlin’s Signals Festival – an annual festival showcasing everything from short film screenings, live performances and sound installations – in the remarkable Funkhaus!

Watch this space to find out more.