Interface 2020 Winners Announced

Keri Sinclair

Back in March, we launched our new and exciting collaboration with the world-class creative institute, Catalyst Berlin (formerly dBs Berlin.) 

Aimed at connecting, inspiring and invigorating students from two of Europe’s most musical cities, Interface connected students from each of our schools to remotely work together on a project of their choice. 

Over the past 12 weeks, the students have used a series of virtual platforms to work remotely, cross-collaborate and share ideas for their joint project, culminating in a virtual showcase of their work. 

Entirely open to their interpretation, the collaborative pairs worked together to creatively explore new ideas, experiment with new ways of working and create a final piece to perform virtually over Zoom. 

After weeks of creating, making and curating their projects, the collaborative pairs came together virtually to perform in front of a panel of judges, including Vochlea Music, Designer Thumbs and Cocktail Party Effect. 

From cinematic soundscapes, Virtual Reality performances and a dynamic Drum n’ Bass sequence, the students showed real creativity, diverse talent and innovation during their performances. 

Despite fierce competition, we are thrilled to announce Mihnea and Alix were selected as the winners of Interface 2020, with their remarkable cinematic soundscape, Metamorphosis

As the winners of Interface 2020, Mihnea will be travelling to Berlin in October to join his partner Alix and perform live at Catalyst Berlin’s Signals Festival – an annual festival showcasing everything from short film screenings, live performances and sound installations – in the remarkable Funkhaus. 

In addition to this, the runners up for Interface 2020 were kindly gifted a Dubler Studio Kit each by our partners, Vochlea Music. 

But, it doesn’t stop there. 

Recognised for their hard work, commitment and creativity, we have decided to join forces with Catalyst Berlin to take all of our participants over to Berlin to meet their collaborative partners IRL, attend Signals Festival and network with other creatives. 

Keep an eye out on our social channels to follow Mihnea and Alix’s journey over the coming weeks!