Interface 2.0

Tom Aston

online collaboration

We are thrilled to announce that we have just launched the second online collaboration installation with Catalyst Berlin, Interface 2.0.

Along with Catalyst Berlin, the online collaboration project, Interface 2.0 aims to bridge the gap between two major music cities, and make way for an exciting cross-pollination of ideas, culture, and music.

The aims of Interface 2.0 are to connect our students with a creative from another institution to work together remotely to create an audio-visual piece of work which will respond to this year’s theme: Utopia or Dystopia.

Throughout the project, the students will explore what the future will look like, how art and technology can determine where we as a society end up, and what our responsibilities are as artists/creatives to transfer the wider social, political and industrial landscapes.

The online collaboration pairs will work together over the next 12 weeks to create an audio-visual piece of work to showcase to the judges during a virtual performance in September.

Judged on their performances, one collaborative pair will be selected to perform at Catalyst Berlin’s Signals Festival – an annual festival showcasing everything from short film screenings, live performances and sound installations.

Watch this space, or keep an eye out on our social channels, to find out more.