In conversation with: Seafret

Keri Sinclair

Gearing up for their upcoming European tour, and hotly anticipating the release of their next album on 13 March, Seafret is getting ready to take on the world in 2020.

On Sunday the dynamic duo stopped by our studios for one final sound check. We sat down with them to chat about their new album, touring with babies, and introducing a live drummer to their act.

Thanks for sitting down with us today guys. To start, how has your time at Spirit been?

Harry: It’s great. Everyone’s been really helpful and welcoming. It’s our first time here so it’s been a great first impression of Spirit Studios.

That’s great to hear. How are you feeling about going on tour for the first time with a live drummer?

Jack: We’ve been touring for 3 years as a duo, so it’s quite exciting to add that extra element. We have a few new songs and a lot of them require drums, so it gives the act a bit more energy.

Harry: It definitely frees up some of our mental capacity while playing. Now we don’t have to focus on pushing the kick pedal as well as remembering chords and vocals.

Very true. You’ve had a lot of submissions for your ‘Most of Us Are Strangers’ hashtag project. What’s it like for you guys to read all of these stories?

Jack: It’s amazing to read people’s stories and to see that they believe in our music that much that they’re willing to be so vulnerable online, which can be quite scary. We have the best fans.

Harry: I spent an hour just scrolling through and reading people’s stories, they’re all really lovely.

Many of your songs play in to water and sea themes. Have you guys always associated yourselves with water?

Harry: Yeah we grew up by the sea, and it’s still a big part of our lives.

Jack: When we moved to London to record our first album we had a great sense of missing home, and home is the sea, so these themes just came to us when we were writing and recording.

Playing on that, do you think you’d have a different sound if you hadn’t grown up by the sea?

Jack: Probably a different band. Because it’s not just being by the sea, but the people that are there that influenced us as well.

Harry, you recently had a baby, so firstly congratulations! Have your thoughts and feelings towards being on the road and touring changed at all since?

Harry: I’ve had the year off for that reason, so I’m ready to get back on the road now. It’s my job, and I’m lucky because I get to spend as much time at home as I do away. If I had a regular 9-5 job, I think I’d miss her a lot more.

I’ll also be flying her out to different parts of the world, so we can experience that together when maybe we wouldn’t have if I worked a 9-5.

That’s really lovely. Before you go, what are you guys currently listening to?

Jack: Jim Croce, and definitely Michael Kiwanuka.

Harry: The new Michael Kiwanuka album is great, I’ve had it on loads. My girlfriend got me a Wagamama cookbook for Christmas, so I’ve been listening to this Japanese cooking playlist a lot as well.

Thanks for sitting down with us today guys, we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!
Watch for the drop of Seafret’s new single ‘Magnetic’ on their social pages tomorrow at 7pm GMT! Grab your tickets for their 11 March gig at Club Academy here.