In conversation with: Katie Elizaa

Keri Sinclair

Katie Elizaa is a powerhouse. From organising an all-female event for Internation Womens Day, to producing her latest single The Woman, Katie shows no signs of slowing down.

We recently sat down with Katie to chat about women in the industry, her latest single ‘The Woman’, and why female empowerment is important.

Thanks for sitting down with us today Katie. To start, tell us about your new single ‘The Woman’, coming out later this year.

The woman is a song I wrote after having a panic attack from being outside. I used to live in a rough area and on a couple of occasions I was approached or followed. One day I panicked, ran home, sat at my keyboard, and created The Woman.

It’s about feeling vulnerable, and is meant to empower you to know that no one is in charge of you, and no one has the right to control you. We are hoping to release it in the next 4 months, which is very exciting.

Wow, that’s intense. Tell us about your event at YES on Women’s Day.

It’s on International Women’s Day, and there will be 5 female fronted bands playing. It’s going to be a massive celebration of what women have achieved in history until now.

The lineup is very diverse, and we have acts from Dorothy Ella, Kike, Fallu, myself, and The Elephant Trees. It’s going to be amazing.

That sounds so cool. In your opinion, why do you think it’s important to focus on empowering women, especially in the music industry?

As I am a rock artist I feel like not enough females in the rock industry get enough recognition or credit. I also think there needs to be more equal opportunities when it comes to festivals as I find a lot of festival line-ups don’t have enough female artists. There is so much out there that never gets heard.

When you first got into the music industry did you always set out with the intention of focusing on empowering and uplifting women?

That came later. I was very afraid to take those first steps and put my music out there, and I’m so grateful I met my now-manager Natasha, because she gave me the confidence and strength to be myself and learn to empower myself.

So now I like to think I’m able to uplift and empower other women, and I hope this event on March 8 helps them feel like they’re part of something, and help them realise they aren’t alone.

Do you have a mantra that you follow as an artist?

“May I be kind to myself’’. It’s a nice and simple one to remember but very meaningful. Being kind to myself is something I am slowly learning every day, and as an artist the music helps, the band helps, and the audiences help. Be kind to yourself, but also be kind to others, because that helps them be kind to themselves.

What advice do you have for other female artists that are starting out in the industry?

Don’t be afraid to take the first steps or the next steps after that. The feeling of success can actually be quite scary, but once you put yourself out there you feel powerful and in control of something that is yours.

Also, if you get offered help, take it. As a female you want to do it alone to prove a point, but having help is such a relief. There is a lot of pressure in the music industry and sometimes you feel like what you are doing doesn’t seem enough, but just be you.

That’s so true. Do you have any recommendations of people our readers can check out if they want to learn more about feminism?

Girl Gang Manchester is a page I found recently and they hold a lot of events and give girls opportunities to meet others, which is great. They also have a great blog on their website with fantastic reads, so I’d recommend checking them out as well.

Before we go, tell us, who are you listening to right now?

Right now I can’t stop listening to IORA’s new EP, she is Manchester based and a friend I met in uni. The EP is just amazing, and I have listened to it about 20 times.

Thanks for chatting Katie, we can’t wait to see what you continue to do in the industry. If you are interested in attending her event at YES on Women’s Day, you can buy tickets here.