Guest Lecture: Rachel K Collier

Aisling Kiely

Live performance and interview with Rachel K Collier – in association with Ableton

With amazing success as a writer, producer, performer and entrepreneur, this session gave our students a valuable insight into how the industry works, as well as the chance to see Rachel K Collier perform and deconstruct her tracks live combined with a relaxed interview and Q&A session.

“A unique talent for intelligent electronic production and head-turning vocals place artist Rachel K Collier in a league of her own. Combining complex beat programming, technical arrangement and meaningful lyric writing –her one-of a-kind sound is hard to define.” Ibiza Voice (Oct 2016).

A die-hard Ableton enthusiast, Collier is known for performing using a multi-instrument technical solo setup built around the Push 2 controller, designed to enable her to perform her studio productions in a live setting.

In Autumn 2017 Collier will tour the UK with fellow Music Technology graduate Rhiipercussion. Alongside the main tour she will be ran a number of electronic Music Production demos hoping to inspire and encourage more girls to write, produce and perform Electronic Music live.

We would like to say a huge thank you to both Rachel and Ableton for giving our students such a great insight into the music industry!

Rachel is supported by the PRS Women Make Music.

rachel-k-collier abletons-rachel-k-collier-visited-our-studios rachel-k-collier-in-the-charlie-jones-live-venue