Guest Lecture: Martin Atkins

Craig Gamblen

“Get the f*ck out of bed!”

On Friday 7 April, students were lucky enough to have a guest lecture from the legendary musician, producer, record label owner, author and all round entrepreneur Martin Atkins.

With more than 35 years working in the music industry, Martin was the perfect person to inspire students, eager to start their career in Music.

Starting with an ‘In Conversation with Martin Atkins’, students got a real insight into his work as a musician with Public Image Ltd (PiL)Killing Joke and Pigface, as well as his move from being signed to record labels to starting his own, ‘Invisible Records’. This was the perfect intro to his lecture on ‘How to make an extra $100,000 next year’. It highlighted the areas he felt would make all the difference for people just starting out in the competitive world of music.

Don’t wait for permission to do things – just do things.

The lecture highlighted the importance of working to be different to everyone else, trying to achieve the same goal. He also spoke about the value of building up a variety of skills and a wide network of contacts as early as possible to make yourself more attractive to a band/employer in the future.

In his words –

Stop being Sh*t and start being awesome!

Martin’s lecture made everyone who attended think differently about how to approach their careers. And as a result, it made them consider how they can set themselves apart in the creative industries, and build up their network of contacts while studying. 

This also highlighted the importance of events like the ‘Speed Networking’ session held before Martin’s lecture, open to all students. Organised by our 1st year Music Business & Creative Industries students, the event was a huge success and the students really excelled in organising their first event. From planning and promoting the event to managing people on the day. Their hard work really showed their potential to be successful in music business and event management.”

– Jo Hilditch, Music Business Course Leader


Thanks to Martin Atkins for a fantastic lecture and an honest insight into his career.

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