Freshers’ Week 2018

Aisling Kiely

With degree teaching well underway, we look back on this year’s eventful Freshers’ Week. From showcases with MCR Live and the RNCM, to Audient Masterclasses and Ableton Workshops, there was plenty for our freshers to get stuck into this year.

Thank you to all our partners who got involved in our Fresher’s Week, and to all the local businesses who attended our Freshers’ Fair.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s plenty more to get involved in throughout the year as part of our new Creative Spirit sessions. Kickstarting the sessions, we have exclusive guest lectures with Wolfgang Flur and Rusty Egan, this Friday.

mcr-live-interviewing-mold pub-quiz-at-joshua-brooks mark-mcmahon-and-elk-burland-taking-part-in-our-graduate-panel tomoto-at-our-freshers-fair ruth-owens-music-recording-in-our-Spirit-Studio stutter-and-twitch-records