Elbow Soundcheck

Aisling Kiely

On Sunday 4th March, Head of Live Sound, Jay Beard invited 15 students to attend the Elbow soundcheck at Manchester Arena. The students, across both degree and industry courses, were able to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Elbow’s hometown show.

While the final parts of the stage were hammered into place and sound checks were underway, the students got up on their feet and took a walk around the arena to hear the variations in sound.

Before the band graced the stage, guitarist Mark Potter, dropped by to say a quick hello with his wife and little girl.

With earpieces fitted, guitars tuned and engineers ready at their desks, the band took to the stage to perform 4 of their songs ahead of their show later that evening.

Shortly after the performance, the band’s frontman, Guy Garvey, switched off his mic and popped down to see the students for a quick Q&A session.

From sharing memories on the road with Jay Beard to being back on home soil in Manchester, the students were able to get a taste of life on tour.

But the fun didn’t stop there.

The students also had to chance to meet the band’s truck driver and System Technician who shared a few tips and tricks about living on the tour bus – apparently it can get pretty hectic living with over 14 people on a bus. System Technician, Joachim Dewulf, also gave what he believes is the most important piece of advice; bin your stuff straight after you’ve finished with it.

So there you go, even the rich and famous have to clean up after themselves too.

Looking back on the day, Jay Beard shared some of his thoughts –

It’s always lovely to be able to take some lucky students to see the Elbow sound check. 

We are always looked after and it’s seems pretty special having the freedom to move around an empty arena listening to the PA system. It’s always extra special when Guy spares a few moments with the students too. 

Thank you to everyone involved you made some live sound students very happy

elbow-had-a-fantastic-set-up students-were-able-to-ask-guy-garvey-questions students-were-able-to-watch-the-whole-set-up students-visited-manchester-arena-for-the-elbow-soundcheck jay-beard-with-guy-garvey elbow-soundcheck-at-manchester-arena