Delia Derbyshire Day

Keri Sinclair

electronic music

On November 23, Spirit Studios hosted Delia Derbyshire Day - a day dedicated to the life and work of Delia Derbyshire, one of the pioneers of electronic music.

Delia is most known for her realisation of the Doctor Who theme in 1963, and her contributions to electronic music during her years at the BBC Radiophonic in the 60’s.

This year’s day was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘An Electric Storm’ by White Noise. White Noise was a group that consisted of Delia, David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson. There were daytime workshops for families and adults where they created their own ‘Electric Storm’.

These were followed by an evening event in our Charlie Jones live venue.

The evening event included a panel discussion with David Vorhaus, BISHI, Izzy Bolt and Caro C., artist commissions inspired by Delia including Kat Lovell, DJs, and lots of Goose Island for attendees. Delia was an icon of her time, and she continues to inspire generations with her electronic music and creative abilities.

Spirit Studios is honoured to have had the opportunity to host such a wonderful day of music and collaboration. We can’t wait to continue hosting events in the future!