Brand Launch Party

Keri Sinclair

A year ago we officially re-branded as Spirit Studios, and since then we have continued to build upon our good foundations ready for next 40 years.

On Friday November 29, we closed the studios and got dressed up to celebrate our rebranding and upcoming 40-year anniversary at the Manchester Museum.

Surrounded by all things dictated by time and change, we looked back on our journey to date, on the great things we have achieved over the past 40 years, and looked towards building the future for the next 40 years.

Principal, Adrian Greensides, took to the stage and delivered a fabulous presentation to all of our staff, outlining our values, vision and mission for future, as well as the elements of our new brand identity.

Shortly after the presentation, the floor was opened to discussion which all of our staff were invited to get involved in. All in all, we couldn’t be more pleased with event, the positive changes we have already made over the past year, and the direction we are currently heading.

Together, we can build and achieve our common goal; to be the very best in music education.