B-Side Project – UK Music Student Remix Competition

Aisling Kiely

Over the past few months, we have been taking part in this year’s UK Music Student Remix Competition with the B-Side Project – a project in partnership with Hospital Records and Med School Music.

As part of the competition, 13 of our students, across a variety of courses, submitted their own individual remixes of Etherwood’s track, A Hundred Oceans. Originally a Drum & Bass track, Etherwood’s track combines female vocals over piano, various percussive and electronic elements to create an ambient track.

All of the remixes submitted were judged by Hospital Records and Med School Music, and a track from each institution involved right across the UK has been shortlisted for the final.

One of our BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production & Performance students, Kacper Kurczynski – who produces under the name KASPA. had his track shortlisted, and is heading to TileYard Studios in London for ‘The Remix Awards’, with all our participating students in support; this year the awards are presented by producer B-Side Project founder, Yvette Chivers and producer, Estelle Rubio.

While playing on the atmospheric feel of the original track, KASPA’S manipulation of vocals and his addition of new elements, including guitar, has altered the overall dynamic of the track.

All in all, the remix competition has been a great experience for all our students, for many this has been their first experience of a contracted remix and interaction with a highly respected record label. We’re confident it wont be their last, including for Hospital.

We know that all our participating students will have a great time at the awards discussing their future relationships with Hospital and Med School Records.

We wish you the best of luck!