Studio Production

Aisling Kiely

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps into the world of audio engineering, or you’ve had some limited recording experience in the past, and are looking to brush up on your skills, with guidance from our expert tutors, you will learn how to mic up and record drums, guitar, bass and vocals in our professional studios.

Through hands-on sessions, our Studio Production Summer School will introduce you a range of microphone types and techniques, while getting to grips with signal path and recording techniques on an analogue desk. You will then learn basic overdubbing and foldback technique, while developing your knowledge of standard session procedure and etiquette when working with a band.

Then, once you have a recording you are happy with, you will then progress onto refining the audio output and applying effects and processing such as compression and EQ.

During this week-long course, you will gain a fantastic introduction to studio engineering within a professional environment, giving you the perfect knowledge base to continue your study in this area, or use your new skills to make and edit basic recordings in a home studio.

As with all of our Summer School courses, if you decide to develop your skills further at Spirit Studios, and enrol onto one of our industry diploma courses, we will offer you a full refund for the cost of your Summer School, deducted from your chosen Industry course fees.

Main Image: MCR Live session with Katbrownsugar in Spirit Studio

Course Content

Principles of sound

Mixing desks and signal routing

Microphone techniques

Recording a band and session procedures

Studio mixing

Dynamic controllers