Studio Practice & Composition

Aisling Kiely

This 5-day experience is a perfect blend of sound design and studio engineering. Throughout the week, you will learn how to capture, manipulate and compose sounds within a studio environment.

Through hands-on sessions, the Studio Production & Composition experience will introduce you to the creative processes behind capturing and composing sounds.

From understanding microphones and tracking instruments to found sounds and creative composition, you will learn the basic fundamentals of studio production and skills required to compose music within a studio environment.

Course Content

Day 1 - Introduction to the Studio

Before getting creative and composing your own track, you will learn the fundamentals of the Audient Studio and the functions of the analogue Audient ASP8024 Heritage desk.

Day 2 - Capturing sounds

During day 2, you will learn about the various microphones and recording devices used to capture sounds. From capturing sounds from traditional instruments to everyday objects, you will have the opportunity to explore the creative process behind making music.

Day 3 - Manipulating & Designing Sound

On day 3, you will learn how to manipulate the sounds captured from the day before using a DAW.

Day 4 - Making music

Working with the captured sounds, you will learn how to piece together the sounds and compose your own track using a DAW.

Day 5 - Mixing your music

Once you have composed your track using a DAW, you will progress onto refining the audio output and applying effects and processing such as compression and EQ.