Studio Production & Mastering

Keri Sinclair

studio production and mastering
Brand new course launching September 2021!

Working in our highest-level studios, our Studio Production and Mastering course is for advanced music producers and engineers who are looking to refine their recording and mixing techniques before developing new skills in mastering. 

With recording, editing, mixing and mastering at the core, this course will give you the opportunity to further develop your critical ear, learn how to produce work to the highest commercial standards and achieve your goals as a professional mixing or mastering engineer.

Building on your knowledge of spatial sound, our Studio Production & Mastering course explores psychoacoustics and the way sound navigates, interacts and responds in different enclosed spaces and environments. With access to our project studio, you will also have the opportunity to experiment with various acoustic treatments and placements to achieve the best possible sound. 

Moving beyond digital recording and processes, you will have the opportunity to learn the process of live recording and transferring digital recordings to tape. Working with our Studer tape machine, you will develop the confidence to work with audio paths and levels, as well as stripping tape and syncing Pro Tools.

To help you develop your skills even further, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to build your brand and business as a freelance engineer, as well as receive in-depth sessions on licensing, sync, distribution and more.