Songwriting & Arrangement

Keri Sinclair

Whether you are an artist, musician or producer looking to learn chord progressions to speed up your writing process, or a complete beginner interested in exploring songwriting, this 5-day experience will teach you the fundamentals of structuring and writing your own music.

Aimed at beginner to intermediate level songwriters, producers and musicians, this short experience will give you the skills required to deepen your musical understanding. During the week, you will explore the arrangement of a variety of songs across all genres and learn the different processes behind constructing a track.

Course Content

Day 1 - Fundamentals

Although theory plays a large part in the subject, this week will be a practical exploration of Songwriting and Composition. Starting with intervals, scale and chord construction, the first day will be an introduction to the world of music theory.

Some DAW experience and keyboard use would be helpful.

Day 2 - Song Structure and Chord Progression

With a grasp of the fundamentals, you will explore classic chord progressions, learn how to adopt strong and weak chord changes to create tension or resolution and get to grips with creating a structure.

Day 3 - Music and Words

During day 3, you will concentrate on creating melodies and writing lyrics and explore the lead lines, hooks and melodies often used in tracks. From here, you will look into how notes and rhythms are used in tracks to enhance the chord template.

Day 4 - Arrangement Principles

Once you’ve determined your chords, melodies and lyrics, you will learn the processes behind arranging your track. Bringing together everything you have learnt so far, you will learn the importance of structure and arranging instrumentation.

Day 5 - Pulling it all together

On the final day, you will dissect a variety of tracks that have sold millions of copies worldwide and analyse the melodies, chords and arrangements. From here, you will dissect your own compositions and put everything you have learnt for the week into practice.