Podcasting – Content & Creation

Keri Sinclair

Whether you are a storyteller, influencer or entrepreneur, a professional podcast can be a great way to get your message out there.

This in-depth practical experience will take you through the fundamentals of podcast production, from choosing the right microphone to using DAWs such as Garageband/Logic to edit and mix your recordings.

You will also learn how to use portable recorders, utilise EQ and compression in your mixes, and get creative with music and sound effects to enhance them.

By the end of week, you will have produced your own podcast episode out of our Radio Studio, completing the course with a final mix ready to be shared.

Course Content

Day 1 - Planning your podcast

Having an idea is a great first step. The first session will focus on developing a structure for you podcast, preparations to consider and the key elements of a great podcast.

Day 2 - Capturing the content

Now you have your idea, the next step in the process is to understand the different types of equipment and processes required to capture your content. From signal path through to gain staging, this session will take your though all the fundamentals.

Day 3 - Editing and Arrangement techniques

On Day 3, you will take a look at the range of essential techniques used to edit and arrange the content of your podcast.

Day 4 - Mixing your podcast

Balancing and controlling elements within your podcast are important to capturing the ears of your audience.

During day 4, you will explore the benefits of EQ, compression, noise reduction and bussing when mixing your podcast.

Day 5 - Publishing your podcast

The final step before looking into uploading and hosting sites will be an overview of loudness metering, limiting and delivery formats, such as radio.

By the end of the week, you will have a completed podcast ready to put out and share with the public.