Ableton Music Production

Aisling Kiely

Whether you are looking to brush up on your Ableton skills or start producing your own tracks, this 5-day experience will teach you the basic fundamentals of music production.

This hands-on experience has been designed to develop the technical and creative skills required to produce your own samples, audio and music from scratch. From critical listening and arrangement to mixing and production, you will learn the essential processes behind creating a track using Ableton Live.

Partnered with: Ableton

Course Content

Day 1 - Introducing Ableton Live

During the first session, you will be introduced to the Ableton Live DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and its variety of features.

Day 2 - Using your ears

On day 2, you will deconstruct the instrumentation in commercial tracks. From here, you will have a go at using the editing tools within Ableton Live to create and replicate the different parts.

Day 3 - Synthesis and Sampling

Now you have a good grasp of the variety of tools within Ableton Live, it is time to start building your own sounds from scratch starting with the kick drum and snare.

Day 4 - MIDI, Controllers and External Devices

Once you have made your sounds, you will experience music production using a blend of techniques and processes to add texture to your track. During this session, you will delve into MIDI sequencing, triggering, hardware use and creative FX processing.

Day 5 - Mixing

With your array of sounds, you will learn how to bring them into balance using EQ, compression, automations and software experimentation.