Music Production Degree BA (Hons)

Craig Gamblen

Music Production Courses at Spirit Studios
Creating, recording, mixing & mastering

Our Music Production course offers practical and industry-focused teaching in our professional studios in Manchester.  This course will introduce you to composing and arranging, and recording and mixing tracks for a range of different media.  You’ll also develop a clear and professional presence for yourself as a music producer.

At the core of this music production course is the idea of innovation in approaches to music production, composition and recording.  This is enabled by experimentation and exciting modules which focus on the use of industry standard studios and software.  This degree encourages you to explore the areas where music and sound meet other media.  You will also develop employability, adaptability and entrepreneurship skills needed to become successful music producer.

Whatever your preferred style or approach is to making music, our music production course will give you the freedom to explore your skills, expand your knowledge and grow as a music producer.  You’ll have a portfolio that really shows what you are capable of.

With live industry projects, expert tutors and state-of-the-art studios available to you, there is no doubt that with a passion for what you’re doing, you can achieve your creative goals during your time here.

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Course Content

Composition & Arrangement

Through the study of a diverse range of practitioners and their work, you will explore creative techniques used in both composition and arrangement, from across different styles and genres of music. This module will allow you to gain inspiration from established producers, encourage you to explore alternative methods of creating sound, and help you to build up a portfolio of original and professional compositions.

Recording Techniques & Technologies

Developing your skills in recording, editing and mixing, this module will give you a key understanding of different microphone types and techniques, while also introducing you to factors affecting the recording process in either a live or location based setting. Through practical experimentation in the studios, you will then learn to assess the needs of individual sessions, and effectively use your setting to your advantage.

Career Focus 1 - Online Profile

Through the analysis of relevant online profiles, this module will introduce you to the importance of effective self-representation online, and creating original and targeted content to build up a significant following online. You will also gain skills in blogging, social media marketing and web-design, allowing you to develop a clear presence for yourself as a producer.

Recording & Production

Through further experimentation in the studios, you will build on your recording skills while also learning to effectively use both analogue and digital effects at different stages during the production process, to enhance your final mix. You will also be introduced to basic mastering and editing techniques, whilst continuously reflecting on your work to develop a deeper understanding of your work as an engineer.

Music, Sound, Image

Introducing you to the world of sound design, you will develop your creative skills in composition and learn to create music for a range of media, before presenting your work as an installation of both audio and video assets. Through the research of standard industry practices in this field, and practical experimentation with Foley, and sound effects creation, you will then build up a significant library of assets suitable for use in both film and games applications.

Composition & Production

By developing original compositions while also working with existing materials to create an effective remix, this module encourages you to blur the lines between composer and producer while taking both a creative, and an objective view of your work and of others.

Career Focus 2 - Live Brief

Working to an external client brief, you will develop a clear strategy to achieve the goals and requirements of the commissioning client. Assignments in this module will encourage you to think critically about your work, and use the skills and knowledge you have gained across other modules to create a product that meets specific criteria, and that you would be proud to present back to your client.

Composition & Innovation

Guided by your individual tastes and interests, this module will inspire you to think about your approach to composition differently. Focusing on synthesis and innovative techniques, you will apply creative strategies to generate original tracks, evaluate their success, and present them as a finished piece, thinking critically about your techniques throughout.

Advanced Recording & Production

Now confident in the running of recording and mixing sessions in the studios, you will have the freedom to fit the content of this module to your specific working needs. Focusing on further development of your skills, and refinement of your workflows, you will produce recordings to a professional standard, applying advanced mixing and mastering techniques using industry software and hardware as you see fit.

Career Focus 3 - Professional Preparation

Exposing you to the range of career opportunities that are open to you, across the creative industries, you will gain a range of key skills relevant to entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as professionalism and employability. Concentrating on preparing you for work as soon as you graduate, this module will help you understand how different businesses function in the music and audio industries, and how you can find your place within it.

Major Project - Music & Multimedia

This is the time where you test out everything you’ve learned through your degree, and you take your work to the public. Throughout this module, you will create an original project to a highly professional standard, whilst planning and managing its launch into the public domain. Focusing purely on your own creative goals, you can take your work in this module to a whole new level and take your first steps into the industry as a professional producer/engineer.