Music Business & Creative Industries

Aisling Kiely

Scouting, managing, branding and promoting

From sourcing new talent, artist development and tour management, to promotion, branding and synchronisation, throughout this course, Spirit Studios will give you the perfect introduction to the many different areas operating within the music industry.

If you are an artist or producer looking to take advantage of every possible opportunity, we can help you build up an impressive knowledge of business principles, which you can then apply to your own creative work. Or if you are looking to take your first steps into a career in the music industry, we can expose you to the range of opportunities that are open to you, and help you to start building up your professional network.

Taught by industry-active professionals, you will explore everything from contracts and how record labels operate, to royalties and identifying additional income streams. Learning through practical sessions, one-to-ones, and work-based learning, you will gain the professional skills you need to help you get active in the industry and find where you want to be in this exciting industry.

Course Content

Marketing and promotion

A&R process (Artist and Repertoire)

Touring and logistics

Event management

Branding & Synchronization

Understanding basic contracts

Royalties and income streams