Live Sound Engineering

Aisling Kiely

This week long course is the perfect introduction to the various elements of live sound engineering, and a great opportunity to get practical experience working with a band in a professional setting.

During practical sessions in our on-site live venue, you will get to grips with PA components and set up, as well as FOH and monitors. Getting hands-on with both analogue and digital consoles, you will also be working towards a live sound engineering session for a gig on the final day.

With guidance from expert industry tutors, you will gain an understanding of signal flow for live sound, microphone types and techniques, soundcheck processes and more, working as a team to set up the venue and solve any technical issues.

The knowledge gained through this course will make the perfect starting point for you to continue your study in this area, or will enable you to set up basic PA systems and start running sound for small events.

As with all of our Summer School courses, if you decide to develop your skills further at Spirit Studios, and enrol onto one of our industry diploma courses, we will offer you a full refund for the cost of your Summer School, deducted from your chosen Industry course fees.

Course Content

PA system components

Microphones and mic placement

Front of House and monitor mixing

Live processing and effects

Live recording