Live Sound Engineering

Aisling Kiely

During practical sessions in our on-site live venue, you will gain an understanding of signal flow for live sound, microphone types and techniques, soundcheck processes and more, working as a team to set up the venue and solve any technical issues.

Using the d&b audiotechnik line array, you will get to grips with PA components and set up, as well as FOH and monitors. Getting hands-on with both analogue and digital consoles, you will also be working towards a gig.

Partnered with: d&b audiotechnik

Course Content

Day 1 - Roles within the industry

During the first session, you will be given a full orientation of our on-site Charlie Jones Live Venue and will explore the different roles within the live sound industry.

Day 2 - FoH/Monitors

On day 2, you will learn the different types of equipment required to ensure a smooth running live show and will explore the stage set-up, monitoring and front of house desks.

Day 3 - Microphones and Placement

During day 3, you will get to grips with the different types of microphones, microphone placement and considerations within a live environment that you may be unfamiliar with despite any previous studio recording experience.

Day 4 - Workflow

Now you have an understanding of the supporting equipment within the live environment, day 4 will focus on console preparation and use, EQ, dynamics, bussing and FX. All of which work in tandem to produce a controlled and balanced sound.

Day 5 - Live Workshop

Bringing together everything you’ve learnt over the past week, you will experience engineering a live show.