Film Production

Jenni Growcott

Based in our dedicated film studio and editing suite here at Spirit Studios, you will work both individually and in groups, to produce film work with guidance from our expert tutors

Due to the incredible success of our Film Production summer school course in 2018, and the fantastic feedback we received, we have decided to open up our film studio for one last time in summer 2019.

Throughout this course, you will gain a fantastic base of knowledge in story boarding, scripting, lighting, camera skills, green screen filming and editing. And with a variety of other summer school courses happening simultaneously, you may also have the opportunity to collaborate with participants of other courses to film their studio recording, DJ’ing and live production sessions.

During this week-long course, you will gain the perfect introduction to film making within a professional environment, giving you the skills to make and edit basic film recordings at home, or begin to explore the exciting opportunities that are open to you out in the industry.

Course Content

Camera operation

Lighting techniques

Green screen filming

Fundamentals of editing

Scripting & storyboarding