BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production & Performance

Aisling Kiely

Sequencing, sampling, producing and performing.

If you’re looking to take your music to the next level, and learn the skills you need to make yourself stand out as a producer, Spirit Studios will help you build the confidence and the skillset you need to really make your mark on the industry.

From creative composition and artist collaboration, to recording and mixing, and branding and promotion, this course covers everything you will need to build a career as a professional producer/DJ.

Whether its drum and bass or dubstep, techno or ambient, house or neo soul that you love, whatever your preferred genre and whatever your preferred DAW, you will have the freedom to develop your own sound, while taking inspiration from a variety of artists and genres. With access to software and equipment from Ableton, Avid, Apple, Steinberg and Native Instruments, you will have the potential here to explore and experiment with your tracks like never before.

So, if you’re passionate about creating music and have the drive to take it full-time, our studios and our expert tutors can provide you with practical experience and open up doors to amazing opportunities, so you can achieve your goals when you graduate.

Course Content

DJ Technologies and Techniques

Focusing on creative techniques using DJ-specific gear and software, you will explore a range of devices and formats, experimenting to create an original composition. Sessions will give you experience using Ableton Live, sampling and looping devices, Serato and Traktor Kontrol, vinyl turntables, CD decks and prepared vinyl/CD.

Creative Music Computing

Introducing you to a range of music sequencing software, and developing your cross-platform skills in the use of audio and MIDI, this module encourages you to experiment using a range of music technologies to produce a personal portfolio of compositions, while also allowing you to gain industry recognised certification in Steinberg’s Cubase software.

Sound Recording and Editing

Introducing you to a professional studio environment, this module will help you to develop key skills in studio techniques and procedures using a wide range of equipment, while also helping you to gain an understanding of signal flow and gain structure in recording. Using industry-standard software and equipment, you will gain a strong base of knowledge in the studio, developing both recording and editing skills in a practical setting.

Music in Context

Focussing on relevant debates, and issues surrounding music production, performance, DJ and culture and the distribution of recorded music, this module will give you an insight into key changes, events and practitioners in the industry throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, helping to develop your overall research, analytical and presentation skills.

E-Music and Marketing

Examining various music industry marketing models and strategies, this module will help you to develop technical skills in designing an online presence, and a functioning website for yourself, focusing on overall user experience. These sessions will also give you a clear insight into strategies employed during effective marketing campaigns, which you can then apply to your own promotional plan as a producer/DJ.

The DJ as Instrumentalist

Encouraging you to collaborate with other musicians, this module will explore the potential of using the DJ as an instrumentalist within a larger composition, using controller technology and techniques creatively as instrumental and compositional material. Study during these sessions will also encourage you to work independently in the studios, find your own collaborative partners, and work towards a finished composition together.

Applied Electronic Music Production

Introducing you to more advanced creative and technical skills in music production, this module will help to develop your editing, mixing and remixing skills across various projects. Liaising directly with a client, you will develop a portfolio of work, showcasing both pre and post-production skills, a remix of a pre-recorded track, and your ability to integrate audio processing hardware and software into your work.

Creative Sampler and Sound Library

Providing you with skills in creating a sound library and a software sampler collection, this module will highlight the range of technical processes involved, considering the end user at all times. Through these sessions, you will produce patches for pro-audio applications, while gaining a clear understanding of the workflows involved, and the process of developing encoded and compressed audio files for a sound library.

Music, Sound, Image

Introducing you to the world of sound design, you will develop your creative skills in composition and learn to create music for a range of media, before presenting your work as an installation of both audio and video assets. Through the research of standard industry practices in this field, and practical experimentation with Foley, and sound effects creation, you will then build up a significant library of assets suitable for use in both film and games applications.

The DJ as Performer

Considering all aspects of a live DJ set, from the audio and sound reinforcement, to the lighting and live projections, you will create, prepare and perform a live DJ set, while researching a range of approaches within emerging DJ practice. Through this module, you will gain key practical skills in the preparation for creative sets, that effectively represent your music and yourself as a DJ/producer.

Composition and Innovation

Guided by your individual tastes and interests, this module will inspire you to think about your approach to composition differently. Focusing on synthesis and innovative techniques, you will apply creative strategies to generate original tracks, evaluate their success, and present them as a finished piece, thinking critically about your techniques throughout.

Career Focus 3 - Professional Preparation

Exposing you to the range of career opportunities that are open to you across the creative industries, you will gain a range of key skills relevant to entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as professionalism and employability. Concentrating on preparing you for work as soon as you graduate, this module will help you understand how different businesses function in the music and audio industries, and how you can find your place within it.

Major Project - Music and Multimedia

This is the time where you will test out everything you’ve learned during your degree, and you take your work to the public. Throughout this module, you will create an original project to a highly professional standard, whilst planning and managing its launch into the public domain. Focusing purely on your own creative goals, you can take your work in this module to a whole new level and take your first steps into the industry as a professional producer/engineer.