Drum Recording & Production

Keri Sinclair

Whether you are an experienced drummer or a producer looking to brush up on your drum recording techniques, this 5-day experience will introduce you to the fundamentals of drum recording and production techniques.

Throughout the experience, you will learn how to mic up, tune, overdub and record a full drum kit. From acoustics and tonal changes to recording and mixing techniques, this experience will provide you with the skills and knowledge to perfect your drums ready to drop into your track.

Course Content

Day 1 - The Drum Kit

From construction and materials to environments and genres, you learn the ins-and-outs of the drum kit and the impacts they all have on recording.

Day 2 - Acoustics and Tuning

During day 2, you will learn how to set-up the drum kit in a studio environment in order to get the best possible sound.

Throughout the session, you will also get to grips with tuning and understanding the acoustics of the drum kit.

Day 3 - Recording Location

After tuning the drum kit, you will be introduced to a series of microphones and learn the importance of mic placement.

Day 4 - Overdubbing and Sound-checking

During day 4, you will record a series of full multi-track after sound-checking and gain staging the kit. Following this, you will also learn the overdubbing techniques.

Day 5 - Editing, Comping and Mixing

The final day will focus on compiling different takes to create the perfect performance preference using professional editing techniques and balancing each element for that perfect blend.