The Art of the DJ – Practice & Performance

Aisling Kiely

With hands-on sessions in our DJ booths, using vinyl turntables, Pioneer CDJs, and digital DJ hardware and software systems, you will develop skills in everything from turntablism and scratching, to beatmatching and effects.

With expert guidance, you will gain a fantastic introduction to the art of DJ’ing, while also having the opportunity for some one-to-one help with techniques from our tutors. From the very basics, through to adding loops and filters to your mixes, you will be encouraged to get creative and add your own edge to your work.

Course Content

Day 1 - Introduction to Hardware and Setting Up

The start of your experience will focus on the initial set up of the Turntables, Mixer and Stylus, along with calibration of external controllers.

Day 2 - Imagination in Transition

The tools and equipment explored within Day 1 form the instrument of the DJ. Having grasped these fundamentals, you will put these into practice by using your ears and creativity.

Day 3 - Bringing it all together

Focusing on digital vinyl systems, you will build upon the introduction by incorporating tempo, advanced mixing functions and cue points.

Day 4 - Phrasing

On day 4, you will look into greater depth with regard to technique and placement, EQ, looping, timing and key mixing.

Day 5 - Mixing and Scratching

Now you have a strong grasp of the instrument, the final session will focus on the art form of the DJ. Creativity plays a huge part within this subject area and exploration of these concepts are paramount to your ideal performance.