DJ Techniques

Aisling Kiely

With hands-on sessions in our DJ booths, using vinyl turntables, Pioneer CDJs, and digital DJ hardware and software systems, you will develop skills in everything from turntablism and scratching, to beatmatching and effects.

With expert guidance, you will gain a fantastic introduction to the art of DJ’ing, while also having the opportunity for some one-to-one help with techniques from our tutors. From the very basics, through to adding loops and filters to your mixes, you will be encouraged to get creative and add your own edge to your work.

Whether you are looking to take up DJ’ing in your spare time, or you are looking to take your skills to the next level to start booking gigs, this week long course will give you the perfect base of knowledge to continue your study in this area, and really help you get to grips with the fundamentals.

As with all of our Summer School courses, if you decide to develop your skills further at Spirit Studios, and enrol onto one of our industry diploma courses, we will offer you a full refund for the cost of your Summer School, deducted from your chosen Industry course fees.

Course Content

Vinyl, CD and digital DJ’ing

Cueing and beatmatching

Effects and loops

DJ mixers and filtering

Creating a set

Self-promotion and finding gigs