Creative Music Production Industry Course

Craig Gamblen

Creating, Producing & Publishing

With creativity, collaboration and community at the core of our Creative Music Production course, you will have the opportunity to explore the multi-faceted role of a music producer, develop your cross-disciplinary skills and find your creative flair.  

This evening-based music production course is for emerging music producers who are looking to develop their working practice, push their creative boundaries, as well as connect, collaborate and co-create with creatives from a range of disciplines. 

Combining creative craft and technical ability, we explore traditional aspects of music production and recording, and its relationship with electronic music, songwriting and arrangement, as well as how to build your brand and business, exploring sync, distribution and more.  

To help you develop your practice even further, you will have the opportunity to engage in a series of development and creative mentoring sessions and masterclasses. In addition to your unparalleled access to studios, equipment and instruments, you will also receive extra support with grants and funding applications. 

Designed to be flexible and to suit your personal needs and goals, we will work with you to create a professional development plan to help you hone in on the specific areas you want to develop. Following completion, you will have the opportunity to progress onto a number of routes; Studio Production & Mastering, Sound for Visual Media or advance further onto a degree with us.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our Creative Music Production course or if you would like more information on how to apply, please contact our admissions team on 0161 276 2100 or

Our Open Days are a great opportunity to see our music studios and facilities, meet our tutors and get a feel for what life as a Spirit Studios student is like.

Course Content

Recording Pt. 1-6 - Vocals - Guitar - Drums - Piano - Strings - Percussion

You will learn how to use and identify different microphones and recording techniques to accurately capture a variety of instruments for use in a variety of applications, whether that be songs, sample instruments and everything in between.

Dynamic Control & FX

Learn about how to use a variety of dynamics effects processors to achieve effective mixes for a variety of applications, using both software and hardware iterations of Compressors, Limiters and more.


Mixing audio will make all the difference in any production, beginning with developing critical listening skills students will begin to identify the characteristics of recorded music and beyond. Over the duration of the course students will learn how to both reverse engineer existing productions and identify how to appropriately mix their own music.


Mastering is the final part of any production, from songs to soundtracks and everything in between, as a course we will learn to use mastering chains to finalise any production and opening the door to potential revenue streams for students wanting to work as mixing and mastering engineers upon the completion of the course.

Synthesis Pt. 1-3 Additive - Subtractive - FM - Wavetable - Modular

Synthesis comes in many different forms, using both software and hardware instruments students can expect to understand and implement a variety of synthesis techniques applicable to every facet of modern music. From the fundamentals of synthesis using subtractive Doepfer systems to mind-bending granular and sample based applications students will learn how to articulate and produce sounds not yet heard.

Found Sounds & Field Recording

The applications of the sound worlds we find around us in our day to day life are endless and utilising these could be the key to developing unique productions, using handheld recorders and processing techniques students will both learn how to utilise singular sound sources to both synthesise completely unique sample based instruments, sound scapes and learn about how we can use found sound and field recordings to develop foley and sound beds for a variety of applications.

Publishing / IP / PR / Sync

You will learn a variety of techniques in order to develop a unique voice in their chosen field of interest, what next? Creative Music Production students will learn how to open revenue streams in order to monetise their productions, learning how to effectively establish their own brand, seek out sync licenses, how to protect their IP and how to publish their music in a modern landscape.