Creative Music Production

Aisling Kiely

music production industry

With creativity, collaboration and community at the core of this course, you will have the opportunity to explore the multi-faceted role of a music producer, and in turn, develop your cross-disciplinary skills and find your creative flair.  

This course is for emerging music producers who are looking to develop their working practice, push their creative boundaries, as well as connect, collaborate and co-create with creatives from a range of disciplines. 

Combining creative craft and technical ability, this hybrid course explores traditional aspects of music production and recording, and its relationship with electronic music, songwriting and arrangement, as well as how to build your brand and business, exploring sync, distribution and more.  

To help you develop your practice even further, you will have the opportunity to engage in a series of development and creative mentoring sessions and masterclasses. In addition to your unparalleled access to studios, equipment and instruments, you will also receive extra support with grants and funding applications. 

Designed to be flexible and to suit your personal needs and goals, we will work with you to create a professional development plan to help you hone in on the specific areas you want to develop. Following completion, you will have the opportunity to progress onto a number of routes; Studio Production & Mastering, Sound for Visual Media or advance further onto a degree with us.

Course Content

Recording Pt. 1-6 - Vocals - Guitar - Drums - Piano - Strings - Percussion

Dynamic Control



Synthesis Pt. 1-3 Additive - Subtractive - FM - Wavetable - Modular

Found Sounds & Field Recording

Publishing / IP / PR / Sync